Behind The Scenes

Jenna Craig and Richard M. Bruno III on set as Kira and Adrian

Christopher Heinz (DP) and Kyle Faber (Director)

Michael Nowicki (DP), Christopher Heinz (DP), Kyle Faber (Director) on set.

Advanced Audio Production: Thank you for helping with sound recording

No diving on set.

Stephen Rosado (Director), Christopher Heinz (DP), Ryan Policastro(Assistant Director), and Michael Nowicki (DP)

Professor and producer, Kelly Dolak, working with Michael Nowicki and Stephen Rosado.

Amber Walker (Assistant Director) and Stephen Rosado (Director).

Christopher Heinz (DP) and Kyle Faber (Director)

Christopher Heinz (DP) and Jenna Craig (actress) on set.

Liv Mendez (Photographer and Art Director) snapping pictures on set.