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Miles Halfnight

Miles “Tails” Halfnight

Ray Parente

Miles “Tails” Halfnight is a gay college student who is socially introverted. He has difficult time letting go of relationships and is a hoarder. Unfortunately, Miles doesn’t have any of his own friends but is ready to make some. He struggles with being independent and having a life outside his boyfriend.

Sam Aran Liz Gonzalez

Samantha “Sam” Aran

Liz Gonzalez

Samantha “Sam” Aran is an extroverted female college student but when it comes to finding love, she’s reluctant. She is loyal and trustworthy, making her a great friend to Miles. She is currently finding it difficult to let go of her last relationship.

Clark Wayne

Clark Wayne

Daniel Vasquez

Clark Wayne is Mile’s controlling boyfriend. He has difficulty expressing his emotions with others and so he comes off stubborn. Underneath his belittling façade is a caring young man. His impulsiveness gets him in over his head.

Raven Strong

Raven “Rave” Strong

Olivia Mendez

Raven “Rave” Strong is Sam’s best friend. She’s a player and enjoys a life in the fastlane. She’s the life of the party and is loyal to those in her circle.

Pizza Guy Steve

Pizza Guy Steve

Steve Dahmer

Pizza Guy is an easy-going, pizza deliveryman. He lives in the moment and scoffs at responsibility. The consequences of his slacker-ness doesn’t cause him any stress because life’s just one big game, right? He enjoys life to the fullest and provides life-changing advice that’s helps others when in need.

Ashley Rincon

Ashley Rincon

Wesley May

Ashley Rincon is Raven’s love interest. He loves women and the women love him right back. His dash of nerdiness makes him charming but when it comes down to having a good time, he knows how to do it, responsibly. When he’s not hanging out with the ladies, he’s taking photos.