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Janine McCaffrey

Producer Boss, Editor

The Producer of the series, and another Film major at Ramapo College--Janine is the backbone of the series. The entire production would've fallen without her. She hopes to acheive a successful future in Film Editing.

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Trendel Lightburn

Director Dude, Music Supervisor

The Director of FreePlay. The concept for the film originally started within this mind. A film major at Ramapo College, he hopes to continue on with directing and prays for a Season 2.

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Domonique Jarrett

Director Gal

The Co-Director of FreePlay. Domonique is a Theater major at Ramapo College, and hopeful future Director. She is to thank for all the beautiful performances from the actors in the series, she has such a way with them.

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Nicholas Libraro

Cinematographer Guy, Editor

Working the Camera for 6 years, Nicholas also is a film major at Ramapo College. He has filmed, directed, and edited numerous short films, events, and such. Catch his next work in a film festival soon!

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Danielle Rogers

Cinematographer Lady, Editing Supervisor

The Chillest Cinematographer and lighting designer, Danielle is yet another Film Major at Ramapo College. She has been working with video and photography for over 8 years and will be directing a new short film soon.

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Damon Godbolt

Sound Design Supervisor

A film major, and known for his cinematography, this time decided to be in charge of the overall Sound Design of Freeplay and has done an amazing job. His behind the scenes photos are also ammaaazing.

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Matthew Pagliei

Classic Sound Recordist, Classic Sound Designer

Another Film major, "Pags" has served the series well, putting in effort and showing up whenever help was needed. Classic Pags is the Classic Soundguy.

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Jamar Kennedy

Sound Recordist #2, PA Man

Film major, Jamar sat through the creation of the credits, along with recording our beautiful sounds for the series. Without Jamar's comic relief and useful input, where would we be?

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Andre Vicari

Gaffer Guy, PA Man #2

Andre was usually killing it on the hockey court? with a score of 15-0. On set he also killed it, an amazing gaffer and critital thinker. The most difficult of problems were simple solved with him on set.

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Brandon Reda

Sound Recordist #3, PA Man #3

While arriving to the team a bit later than the rest, Brandon came in ready to get to work. Whenever he could, he was always there to lend a helping hand.