Jacob King
In 2007, Jacob became the youngest player ever to compete in The Golden Ladder Tournament. He went on to win the tournament that year, taking home his first of three consecutive Golden Ladder Championships. He returned to glory in 2008 and 2009, becoming only the second player in history to win three consecutive Golden Ladders. On January 11, 2008, Jacob became the first player to reach 1,000 professional points, and his .386 three-point percentage since 2007 is the best in the sport.
Bailey Rainer
Bailey is a sophomore at Addington College majoring in Business with a concentration in sports management. Ladder Ball is in her blood, and she has played the game at several amateur levels, boasting an undefeated record in singles match-ups at The Annual Rainer Family Memorial Day Barbecue. Bailey also holds the division III Northeast region record for toss percentage, scoring a tight two-point toss in her one appearance with the Addingtom College Warlocks.
Wally Warlock
Wally The Warlock is the unofficial mascot of Addington College. No one knows his real name. He merely shows up to events on campus in his bathrobe and wizard cap wielding his trusty staff. He may or may not believe that he possesses legitimate powers, and will often try to cast spells upon unsuspecting students. Wally has also been selected as First Chair Baritone in the All-Eastern Chorus three years running.
Kirk and Karen Kozinski
The youngest of nine children, fraternal twins, Kirk and Karen, love themselves. Their accomplishments are far superior to those of their siblings, their father just does not realize that yet. They are the captains of the Addington College Ladder Ball Team, and have used their perceived notoriety to earn interviews with such publications as the Addington College Gazette. They hold a modest 14-8 collegiate win/loss record and occasionally wear socks with sandals.
Larry “The Duke” Chamberlain
The mild-mannered maintenance man of Addington College, Larry is the worker on campus that everybody knows (or so they think). A longtime fan of Ladder Ball, Larry has enough knowledge of the sport to enter discussions about the game with interested students, on April 6th, 2003, Larry set the Addington College record for fastest light bulb change, clocking at an astounding 37 seconds.